How POWER POSING can improve your life

Hi, I found a very interesting research in the internet about POWER POSING and how if practiced, it can improve your mindset and as result change your behavior and as result change your outcomes. It is really interesting and I want to share this knowledge with you :)

Apparently research of the nonverbal ( this is all the expressions that are not said with words like for example body language) has shown that whenever we feel powerful, after experiencing a big win or success, we display a V-shape pose, which is raising our arms in a V-shape and lift the chin. Even the blind people make this V-shape pose, even though they have never seen it.

Also in the animal kingdom you can find these types of nonverbal expressions too: For example animals expand and make themselves bigger as a signal of dominance or status power.

With this, we can suggest two things: one, that:  “POWER POSING IS INNATE” and second (and already well know) that: “OUR MIND CAN CHANGE OUR BODIES”

But maybe you already knew this, but now the question is: CAN OUR BODY CHANGE OUR MIND?  (The other way around) and the answer is yes! IT CAN :D

This is an amazing finding! Because you see, from now on you can use this in your favor for whenever you feel powerless or insecure :o

The scientific explanation for this is: Hormones.

Look: when you feel with power, two things happen in your body: 1. your testosterone increases and your cortisol decreases. This happens from inside to outside, you feel with power and this two things change in your body and as a result you make poses of power (like expanding).

And now! What you want to know is how can this be used the other way around and it is as simple as power posing for 2 minutes, that’s right! Even if you don’t feel with power at the moment, if you pose for 2 minutes your hormones will change but now from outside to inside. As a result you will feel more powerful, more assertive, more confident, more optimistic and you will even feel like taking more risk.

When can you actually use this? In stressful evaluate situations like:

  • A job interview
  • Speak in public
  • Give a presentation
  • Before your date
  • Or other social stressful situations

OK, Now let’s see those poses, there are many poses you can try    :D

So remember now BEFORE going to a stressful evaluate situation, go to some private place, for example before going to a job interview go to the bathroom, power pose for two minutes and the go get that job! :D

Also remember to NOT lower pose. Lower posing is the contrary; if you are doing it a lot perhaps you should change this habit. I present you now pics of lower posing so that you remember to AVOID THEM.

Remember it is all about the PRESENCE. If you pretend to be powerful you are more likely to actually feel powerful. Tiny tweaks leads to big changes, so you better start.



“Before you go to a stressful evaluate situation, configure your brain to cope the best in that situation, get your testosterone up, get your cortisol down, don’t leave thinking you could have done better, leave that situation feeling that you got to show who you are. “

                                                                                            – Amy Cuddy

“Body, Privacy and 2 minutes and it can significantly change your life. “

                                                                                              – Amy Cuddy


Watch  Amy Cuddy research video:

What do you think about this?

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