Why do you try half way?

  Has it ever happened to you that sometimes you really want to reach something but you don’t  act like you really want it? Well happens to me sometimes, you see sometimes when I am climbing there is those moments in whichI try” to reach  a rock to pull me up, but I do it as If I mean not to reach it and I wonder why does that happen? If I am taking all the effort to try to reach it then why I don’t go all out and actually try for real to reach it; And not just get satisfied by merely grasping it. Because let’s be clear in this one, if you can actually pat it, then you can totally stay. Could it be that you are convinced that even if you grab it, once you get there you won’t be able to hold on to it enough or even pull you up or could it be that you are afraid of what it implies to reach it, and with this I mean the kind of terrifying move you have to make, the kind of move you know you have to make… so you just end up making a not enough effort. And seriously if you are trying to get to another rock, or any goal, then you may as well go all the way out and try any awkward, foolish or mad move you can imagine, if in your inner self knows the answer and knows that with the execution of such move you will get you to your so beloved goal, then go all out! Don’t doubt, if it doesn’t work well, then try again. And if this move requires more training and a little more of preparation to execute it, then prepare. But really, If you are going to try, go all out! 

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