Is the wall really that big?

Have you ever look up at a wall and thought: Too high! and believe that it will be impossible to climb, impossible to get to the top. And you think you don’t have the smartness, the strength  the necessary skill… and perhaps you are right, perhaps you can’t climb the wall right now or perhaps you do, but the fear and doubts stop you; if the first, then you can begin with walls that are not that high, to build strength  endurance, learn the way of a climber, and someday you will be able to go to that wall that you thought it was impossible and finally conquer it, whatever your dream or challenge is, please now that even if your actual self can’t do it, your later one will do it.  So prepare for it!

And remember too that when the time comes  you will have to stop avoiding it and just take a sip of courage and go for it. Who knows, maybe you already are in that moment so don’t fall in the mistake to believe you are the same, maybe you already are your future self. So don’t think that because you couldn’t do it earlier you will never do. Maybe the wall isn’t really that high…

“There is not a wall as high that with proper preparation, you can’t climb”

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